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April '24 Update

We are pleased to inform you all that the company is now back on track after suffering from a severe lack of cash due to funds not coming through as anticipated several months ago. This has resulted in us putting a stop to everything. We have now sourced funds which will trickle in over the next months and we will keep you all appraised how that is moving forward."


September Update

An update for you all, things are now moving forward really well and you'll start to see the signs of this in the following weeks. We have been held up over the last few months for several reasons, some of which we have now dealt with, others still have to be dealt with but overall the company is in very good shape to move forward.


June Update

We are pleased to tell you that we are now in a position to move forward and will be doing so in the next couple of months. This is very positive news and long awaited news. Further details will be published as we progress.